Bourbansais Zoo

Domaine de la Bourbansais is an exceptional estate set in stunning grounds.

Zoo de la Bourbansais

Your weekend in Saint-Malo would not be complete without his visit

Visiting Saint-Malo for a weekend? Want to get out of the old city? In this case, en route for a visit to the zoo La Bourbansais! This park, which is ranked among the most beautiful in the West of France, will make your weekend in Saint-Malo unforgettable. It must be said that it is home to very rare species, most of them protected by international conventions. Nestled around a castle built in the sixteenth century on the site of an ancient Gallo-Roman city, La Bourbansais zoo is a great idea for family outing off the beaten path, and only a few minutes drive of Saint-Malo.


Wild fauna and flora in the heart of Brittany

The zoo is a vast site of more than one hundred hectares, home to more than four hundred endangered wildlife. Aras Hyacinthe, giant anteaters, geladas of Ethiopia, more than seventy different species coexist in semi-freedom in an environment with varied landscapes and under the gentle supervision of biologists and animators eager to teach you their knowledge. Only a few kilometers from our grand hotel Saint-Malo, you will be able to discover rare animal and plant species while contributing to a good cause, this zoo of Saint-Malo being an organization participating in EPP programs (Programs of European Livestock), which consists in guaranteeing the conservation of the animal populations to date threatened.


A must-see site a few kilometers from our grand hotel in Saint-Malo

It's an educational and rewarding experience waiting for you at the zoo. Moreover, your path to the study of the behavior and origins of the most beautiful animal species will be shorter! Indeed, La Bourbansais zoological park is located just 20 kilometers from Saint-Malo. From the Chateaubriand, a large hotel in Saint-Malo, all you have to do is take the D137 then continue on the D637 towards Pleugueneuc. Are you spending a weekend in Saint-Malo without a car? It does not matter: the bus line Rennes - Saint-Malo (Illenoo number 8) will take you to the zoo!