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Son & Lumière : On m'appelait Jacques Cartier

Du 26 juillet au 15 août de 22h30 à 23h30

Sur les murs de l'Hôtel de Ville - Fosse aux Lions - Place Chateaubriand

Texte : Isabelle Pirot - Réalisation : Spectaculaires

Spectacle gratuit - informations : 02 99 40 78 04



Une fête de la mer de quatre jours avec toujours ce double objectif : offrir un spectacle d’exception visible depuis la côte et permettre aux voiliers habitables de tous bords de s’affronter sur l’eau dans la bonne humeur.

Une super-parade qui rassemble toutes les générations. Les vieux loups de mer, heureux propriétaires de voiliers sont invités à prendre des jeunes à leur bord pour compléter leur équipage. Le Branlebas est une fête de la mer haute définition mais aussi une fête de l’amitié entre régates et bordées, un moment de partage unique!

Bertel crepes

Do you know the pancakes that we offer for breakfast?

Saint-Malo st malo pluie activité

Saint-Malo by rainy day

When it rains we think it's a day to stay locked up at home or in his hotel room but when you're in Saint-Malo you have to enjoy !

To not stay at home or in the rain, we will offer in this article activities to do indoor.


saint malo balade promenade à pied plage vélo bateau mer activité

The walks in Saint-Malo

During you stay in Saint-Malo it is inevitable to do at least one walk, whether on foot, by bike or aboard a boat ! In this article we will propose you a walk of each.


Pedestrian walks

Many walks can be do in Saint-Malo. This in an opportunity to take a deep breath of sea air and enjoy a beautiful sunny day !

automne saint-malo st malo

A fall in Saint-Malo

You want to take holiday or weekend in October and you say that visiting Saint-Malo is only done in summer ? This article will prove you the opposite.

The climate

In early fall that is during the second half of September and in October, you can still enjoy the sunny days of Saint-Malo. Even if you have to cover yourself, the sun shines and the temperatures are mild. The perfect weather for walks especially along the furrow.

La Tour Solidor

Solidor Tower

Solidor Tower is a fortified dungeon, situated at the mouth of the Rance, opposite Dinard. It is composed of three towers linked together by short curtain walls. Today, Solidor Tower houses a museum celebrating Brittany’s Cape Horners.

The Great Aquarium

The Great Aquarium

Discover eight collections covering both cold and tropical seas. In the touch tank, visitors get a chance to meet the rays close up. You can also touch turbots and spider crabs or enjoy the thrill of stroking sharks.

39-45 Memorial

39-45 Memorial

The Memorial, located in the fort of the City of Aleth, offers a guided tour in the midst of memories of the Second World War, and traces the evolution of the conflict in the heart of the city Malouine. On 500 m² divided into three levels and a dozen rooms, the visitor plunges into this dark period of the Malouine region. Photos, models, weapons, documents are there to recreate the atmosphere of this era.

La Cité d'Aleth

Cité d'Aleth

The Cité d’Aleth, in Saint-Malo, is a headland at the mouth of the Rance River. It offers a stunning view of Dinard. Armoured cupolas or gun turrets, left behind in World War II, can still be seen here.


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