A fall in Saint-Malo

automne saint-malo st malo

You want to take holiday or weekend in October and you say that visiting Saint-Malo is only done in summer ? This article will prove you the opposite.

The climate

In early fall that is during the second half of September and in October, you can still enjoy the sunny days of Saint-Malo. Even if you have to cover yourself, the sun shines and the temperatures are mild. The perfect weather for walks especially along the furrow.


Nothing better than coming to visit Saint-Malo after the high season. The tourists are lesser, walks and visits are facilitated with a reduced waiting time. It is then much more pleasant to walk around town.

The sunsets

In automn also there are beautifull sunsets, with orange colors that are in perfect harmony with the season theme. The opportunity to sit and admire, taking beautiful pictures.

The outings

Many activities can be done even in autumn : the discovery of the heritage with visits to museums, forts and islets, pedestrian walks, cycling, sea trips, outings in animal park and many others. To find all the outings visit the Office de Tourisme de Saint-Malo website.